The American thrash metal band Grip Inc. are most recognized for their inclusion of ex-“Slayer” drummer Dave Lombardo. The band also consists of the British vocalist Gus Chambers, bassist Jason Viebrooks and guitarist Waldemayr Sorichta.

Following the band’s awesome debut album “Power Of Inner Strength” in 1995, the fierce four-piece went on to release their follow-up album “Nemesis” in 1997.

From the start of the album, the band deliver a guitar-heavy feast of thrash metal that displays the members’ individual musical talent perfectly. In much the same vein as the band’s previous debut album, the album thrashes out its meaty guitar riffs with perhaps a slightly slower pace than its predecessor yet with the same heaviness and depth. The band manage to take you from harmonic and melodic to intense metal of speed and aggression, with their experienced song-writing skills.

Vinyl first Official Reissue since it’s initial release in 1997. Limited to 100 copies of transp. milky w/ bone galaxy – with numbering obi.

Release date: June 2, 2023