Arkangel has been going strong since the late 90’s and as one of the first bands to emerge in the European metalcore scene and one of the main bands to influence a generation, they continue triumphantly with their debut album for GSR Music, namely “Arkangel is your Enemy”, which is a modern day classic that revisits the mid to late 90’s metalcore genre and adds a modern day twist to bring you something fresh and vibrant that rages from start to finish with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball.
The vocals from Baldur are vicious and relentless and have always been one of the strongest points of Arkangel and remain that way on Arkangel is your Enemy.
Matching the vocal intensity stride for stride, the music crushes you with every riffs and every pounding double bass parts, proving that Arkangel can give any band a run for their money in terms of bludgeoning power and that’s just what Arkangel is your Enemy offers the listener. It’s not a pretty album with catchy hooks, it’s merciless all the way through and is written for the stage, written for maximum violence on the dance floor.
There are no moments of weakness, no moments for you to relax and take a breath, it’s just one punishing aural assault after another until the final seconds.