• DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! "Moshkinstein" is a 1988 mini album by UK thrash legends Acid Reign.
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    This album features guest appearances by members of Unearth, Human Abstract, Death By Stereo, Living Sacrifice and more, plus is accompanied by a second disc of brutal covers of songs by bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Misfits, Judas Priest and then some.
  • Thrash/Crossover from Thessaloniki/Greece.
  • Thrash Metal from Greece, for fans of Overkill, Exodus & Kreator. This is their second full length and their first in over 5 years. 9 tracks, 8 page booklet.
  • In today's climate of resurgent thrash metal bands and "partying harder than you" attitude, how is a band supposed to stand out from the rest? Simple: hard work and dedication to the craft. Take a look at St. Louis's own CROSS EXAMINATION – each member of the band parties and plays metal as a lifestyle, not as their flavor of the week. CROSS EXAMINATION’s vocalist Devil Dan has done some hard time for his lifestyle choice, and what landed him in the slammer may or may not have had something to do with a can of Crisco, a sledgehammer, a case of PBR, a jart, and a 24-hour restaurant – all of this fueled by booze and metal. CROSS EXAMINATION can be seen on interstates around the country doing intervantinental beer bongs at 88 miles per hour in between vans ("the intervantinental beer bong," note: the drivers do not participate), and even smashing the hell out of their van, lovingly named Crusher, and subsequently destroying it on the side of the interstate 55 en route to Chicago. While these crazy antics are entertaining, CROSS EXAMINATION’s notorious reputation and undisputed sense of humor has helped them grow a serious fan base (also known as the Awesome Party Squad) and upwards of 50,000 YouTube views of their everyday lifestyle. When it's time to party, CROSS EXAMINATION will party hard. CROSS EXAMINATION will be trampling the United States throughout 2008 in support of Menace II Sobriety and the Awesome Party Squad will be circle pitting and beer bonging right along with them. Lock up your liquor cabinets!
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    DARK ANGEL: Leave Scars (CD) CM 66022

    10,00 5,00 incl. tax
    An album of unfathomable precision & technicality, featuring countless Jim Durkin (Dreams Of Damnation/Pagan War Machine) guitar riffs and jaw-dropping Hoglan drum work. Marks the debut of new vocalist Ron Rinehart.
  • Death Trap are a Thrash Metal band from Athens/Greece and this is the first release of the band. Two killer songs and an intro in the vein of the early Destruction, Sepultura and Sodom days.
  • Endless Recovery is a Thrash Metal band from Athens/Greece formed in 2011. Influenced by bands based on ''revolutionary and hellish'' Thrash like Kreator, Sodom, Slayer, Bathory, Destruction etc. Lmtd to 150 copies.
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    EXARSIS: New War Order (LP) LOT 043

    15,00 13,00 incl. tax
    With their 4th album ''New War Order'', Greek Thrashers Exarsis release an album, which will lead every fan of this genre to create some space in his record collection between Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Vio-Lence and Anthrax.
  • Brand new killer 4 track EP bursting with uncompromising crossover/thrash – in your face – tunes. Includes insert and sticker. Ltd to 100.
  • This is the second full length from the Old-School Thrash/Crossover band Faithreat hailing from Volos/Greece. In this album you can easily see the amazing progress of the band and if you are into old shit like ACID REIGH etc, then don’t even think of missing this one!!!
  • Great Thrash/Crossover including 8 songs. For fans of D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, S.O.D. Limited to 350 hand - numbered copies.
  • 7inch distro is proud to reissue, for the first time, on vinyl the fourth album of Metal giants GRIP INC. (Dave Lombardo, Waldemar Sorychta, Gus Chambers). Four pages booklet with lyrics. Limited 500 copies on black vinyl. Release date: September 21, 2020. Previously released on CD through SPV [2004]. One of the most unique entries in the metal music catalogue, Grip Inc. received a fair bit of attention for being the first serious path taken by Dave Lombardo after his definitive demise from Slayer, teamed up with the then less-known guitarist and producer Waldemar Sorychta and vocalist Gus Chambers. “Incorporated” appears after a five year absence from the scene. Sorychta went back to producing. Lombardo went to Testament, Famtomas and back to Slayer. Vocalist Gus Chambers just went away. Getting back together for “Incorporated” is one of the best decisions this core group of individuals has ever made – this is simply their most cohesive and energetic album of their careers.
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    HELLBASTARD from Newcastle, UK shorty after their reunion in 2008 they released the album ''The Need To Kill...'' with which they left their punky roots for more Metal and some other influences. Limited gatefold sleeve edition of 800 black copies.
  • Old school aggressive Thrash Metal from France. Limited to 500 copies.
  • Hirax (USA), known worldwide as forefathers of Thrash Metal and crossover, and Violator (Brazil) are leaders of the new exploding Thrash Metal movement. Guaranteed to satisfy fans of Metal, Punk, and Hardcore. This record is a must-have!!!
  • Human Slaughter, offer 6 tracks of thrashy Hard Core influenced by D-beat, American Thrash and 80s Hard Core.
  • IN-FEST: s/t (CD) ATA 05

    5,00 incl. tax
    Greek Thrash/Crossover.
  • Human Slaughter, offer 3 tracks of thrashy Hard Core influenced by D-beat, American Thrash and 80s Hard Core. Injustice Squad side consists of 4 old school Hard Core tracks into Cro mags, old Suicidal Tendencies etc influenced by Crossover/Thrash.
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    KRANG: Broken Waves (7”) EXIST 137

    5,00 3,50 incl. tax
    This perfect record from Chicago Crust kings Krang is absolutely essential. On the faster end of Crust, there's not a second that gets spared in this quick whirlwind of a record. They combine politically minded, D-Beat Crust Punk with the high-energy riffage of Thrash.
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    Brutal metallic thrashing latino-Crust/Punk by the Peruvian veterans, urging for the intensification of the class war.
  • Mentally Defiled is a Thrash Metal band from Athens/Greece. ''The Thrash Brigade'' brings an onslaught of 10 tracks. A mixture of Bay Area with European Thrash Metal, sometimes raw and fast, sometimes technical and mid-tempo. Lmtd to 250 copies.
  • Old-School Crossover/Thrash in the vein of DARK ANGEL, early METALLICA, SACRED REICH. This release is limited to 250 handnumbered copies. Tracks from first demo are also included as bonus track.
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    With ''Massive Aggressive'', Municipal Waste have upped the ante and pushed Crossover Thrash to its ultimate limit.
  • Nuclear Devastation are a mix of Crust and Death Metal with blasted thrashed out Hard Core injections. Ramlord have that epic Crust sound but this is much darker. It sinks into Black Metal and at times makes you think of Amebix or a slower Tragedy.