• HC/Punk from Athens/Greece.
  • Hailing from the mountians of West Virginia, ATU musically combine classic Crust/Punk and a hint of Metal into a sound that's likened to later years of NAUSEA, totally reinforced by the strong female vocals throughout.
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  • Bad Brains is the self-titled debut studio album recorded by American hardcore punk/reggae band Bad Brains. Recorded in 1981 and released on (then) cassette-only label ROIR on February 5, 1982, many fans refer to it as "The Yellow Tape" because of its yellow packaging. Though Bad Brains had recorded the 16 song Black Dots album in 1979 and the 5-song Omega Sessions EP in 1980, the ROIR cassette was the band's first release of anything longer than a single. This reissue marks the second release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains’ recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing.
  • Quickness is the fourth full-length studio album by Bad Brains, originally released by Caroline Records in 1989. This reissue marks the fifth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains’ recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing.
  • Rock for Light is the second full-length album by Bad Brains, released in 1983. It was produced by Ric Ocasek of The Cars. We’re proud to present the original mix of the album, for the first time in decades, as the band originally intended. Most fans will be more familiar with the 1991 reissue, which was remixed by Ocasek and bass player Darryl Jenifer. In addition to new mixes, that version used an altered track order. This reissue marks the fourth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. In coordination with the band, Org Music has overseen the restoration and remastering of the iconic Bad Brains’ recordings. The audio was mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed at Furnace Record Pressing.
  • The UK's Broken Bones are back with an all new three song ear piercing EP of Punk Rock! Going back to their early '80s roots, this new release is raw powerful Punk rock with insightful lyrics. Fans old and new will love this one! Black vinyl.
  • F.O.A.D., the second and arguably, best album by Broken Bones fused the ferocity of debut, ‘Dem Bones’ with an added sense of ferocity, melody and power, to become of one of the most important 80’s punk rock albums. Taking the punk rock blue print that was ingrained in their souls and adding a touch of the rising thrash metal movement, it became legendary in that it was and is widely regarded as one of the first Crossover records, and along with DRI, Broken Bones pioneered a movement whose fledgling steps gave rise to both the modern hardcore and metal scenes.
  • Deathcycle play fast and pissed semi-crusty Hard Core/Punk and feature members of Thought Crime and Kill Your Idols.
  • Debut full-length from Greek crusties Discordance on vinyl format! Thirteen tracks of socially & politically charged crust punk in the vein of Detestation & Aus Rotten with nuances of classic greek hardcore like Chaotic End & Breath/Ash.
  • Excellent mix of hardcore, punk and NWOBHM – Motorhead-driven hardcore punk with some Iron Maiden and Japanese hardcore influences served with a Russian energy and anger added with some spices of Scandinavian hardcore.
  • The second instalment of The Warren of Snares trilogy from this fantastic band. To say the guys had moved on from their original sound is somewhat of an understatement. It was a bold musical change, as they had become such standard bearers of the UK/European crust punk ‘scene’ in such a short amount of time, via Owsla. Three mammoth 20+ minute tracks made up the record mixing their old sound with far more progressive metal & doom elements.
  • GUTTER: s/t (7”) DIY

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    First 7'' after the split 12'' with Dirty Wombs. Old-School Hard Core/Punk from Athens, Greece.
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    KRANG: Broken Waves (7”) EXIST 137

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    This perfect record from Chicago Crust kings Krang is absolutely essential. On the faster end of Crust, there's not a second that gets spared in this quick whirlwind of a record. They combine politically minded, D-Beat Crust Punk with the high-energy riffage of Thrash.
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    Brutal metallic thrashing latino-Crust/Punk by the Peruvian veterans, urging for the intensification of the class war.
  • Second release for this melodic Crust / Punk band from Thessaloniki / Greece.
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    A unique blend of speed-metal and loud-as-hell Punk, with a crusty touch in Pure R'n'R style.
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  • Poems about painful procedures, Part one. A sixteen-page book with poems and illustrations by Antigoni Iliadi together with a seven inch vinyl with compositions by Precariat, an Athens hailing noise black punk trio with members from Bad Trip and Sarabante. Released by the band and Body Blows Records in 300 copies.
  • Four songs of excellent street Punk plus one cover.
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    Straight up and aggressive Hard Core from Seein' Red. The Judas Iscariot on the other side plays an unusual Hard Core/Punk with some free Jazz parts with trumpet on some songs!
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    Fast HC/Punk latino vs old school thrashing brutal HC, both from Puerto Rico.
  • Obscure metallic Crust/Punk from Switzerland, ex-PACK, BRUTAL MASSACRE.
  • Punk compilation with 29 bands for the economic support of Accion Mutante. Ass's 9 Days, Dr. Green, Kalashnikov, Tight Finks, Cress, Scum Noise, Satan's Reject, Totalitar, Koyaanisqatsi, Kobayashi, Skew Whiff, Sinergia, Acursed, Επιθανάτιος Ρόγχος etc.
  • WOLFBRIGADE’s Run With The Hunted surges with ten brutalizing new tracks which elevate both the harsh intensity and the melodic attributes of the band’s patented, penetrating, d-beat-ridden hardcore crust punk to new extremes of infectious viciousness. A concentrated sense of urgency lines the entire record, while a fragmented sense of dystopia fuels the scathing vocal wrath. Run With The Hunted was recorded in both Studio Fredman in Gothenburg (At the Gates, In Flames, Martyrdöd), by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, and in Sunlight Studio (Dismember, Entombed, Grave) in Stockholm, by Tomas Skogsberg. Declares WOLFBRIGADE of the new album, “We looked to explore our rawness, writing straight-up, in-your-face, primitive songs. On this record, we decided to push the melodic strains even further, but without losing either intensity or brutality. Lyrically we have been inspired by both classic and obscure dystopian literature, finding suitably horrible metaphors for the decline of western society. The search for freedom continues, but this time the path is pointed inwards, into ourselves.”
  • Negative Stance were one of the most influential bands of the Greek hardcore punk scene between 1988 and 1993. Their distorted sound was at times reminiscent of bands such as Wipers, Black Sabbath and Suicidal Tendencies, but these heterogeneous elements were creatively and distinctively molded together. Their excellent lyrics ignored the usual punk norms, touched upon various aspects of a dystopian society and remain relevant even nowadays. A special edition vinyl LP-anthology containing all the songs of their “Love is our strongest weapon” split-LP with Kismet H.C. and their “Angels of Deceit” album. The record will come with a bonus CD containing previously unreleased, rare and live tracks from various periods of the band’s history, as well as a 4-page insert with lyrics, photos and texts. This special edition will be limited to 500 copies.
  • Members of Ανατέλλων Τρόμος (Rising Terror) and Ανάσα Στάχτη (Breath Ash). A band that not exist anymore, even they release their first CD in late 2012. Dark Ηard Core/Punk with some Metal and Greek lyrics. The addition of violin gives a more melancholic and dark Punk aesthetic.
  • This is a 3 way split. All three bands have a common member, the huge Elmer, who was the drummer of these bands. Black vinyl and insert with photos and info in Greek and English. Essential for those who are into 90s Greek Hard Core.
    1. Ορυμαγδός (Pronounced as Orimagdos, and means loud noise) is Athens/Greece OneMan roadroller, with a little help from Vaggelis/Paroxysmos who played as a guest drums on this one. 10 tracks of filthy and hellish metal/punk in the vein Venom/Midnight/Warfare/GBH. 400 hand-numbered copies.
  • 16 tracks of Punk Rock from Athens / Greece. Mastering by Bri / DOOM. Poster like cover.
  • Στρύχνο (Strychno) is a band from Patras, Greece. It was created in the spirit of DIY, in the full sense of the word. It was shaped by joint search for means of expression for the emotions of four people, closely observing the world. Their vision is a deconstruction. It is an antidote to fear and loneliness, feeding on our minds and souls. Devouring our hopes and future we would like to live in and have an impact on. It is a loud voice of opposition, that nobody wants to hear, so that life would not be just a promise filled with empty words without coverage...
    And the music? "Music is a language that lives, satisfies our need to express what we live for and what is to come, what is inevitable." It's a mix of motoric goth / postpunk with poetic and highly depressive lyrics with female vocals. Release is a vinyl re-edition of the material from 2020, previously only on CD released by the band itself.