• 3 tracks of raging metalkrushing punk from Niigata, Japan! Follow up to last years split EP with Hellshock and their 3rd full length Scar Of Lead, both which sold out almost instantly.
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    A.G.E.: The Scar of Lead (LP) BW 018

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    A.G.E. (aka Armed Government Error) offer up another mighty sacrifice to the volcano gods of Metallic Crust. Top notch Metal crushing Punk! This is skin blistering Metallic Crust for Hard Core/Punk and Metal fans
  • Two new songs by each band. Tokyo's veterans CROW play dark and raw Metal/Crust with hammering drums and killer solos, SEE YOU IN HELL from Czech Rep. play fast Hard Core/Thrash/Punk with gang choruses. The record comes in special fold-out sleeve.
  • Brand new single from Japan's darkest Crust warriors DISTURD. This is the third 7'' of the band! Fast and aggressive with a rumbling bass line that sound like Amebix on triple speed.
  • Tsuyama/Japan Disturd offers 3 tracks of loud blown-out Hard Core/Punk in the vein of S.D.S. or ''Out From The Void'' era Anti-sect with a touch of Extreme Noise Terror. Punishing drums and shredding guitars coupled with some truly intense vocals.
  • Hardcore/Crust/Punk band from Tokyo, Japan. LIFE stands for Liberty Independence Freedom Equality. They're inspiring to world wide Crust/Punk - peaceful shouts and rebel sounds encourage for our/your mind and humanity.
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    無我 (Muga) was a melodic metallic Crust band from Nagoya, Japan. Apart from their two full-length releases, ''無我'' and ''There Is Nothing Eternal Exists'' there is the demo tape ''The Road of Asura'' and a split with Swarrrm. They also appeared on Relapse Record's ''Japanese Assault'' compilation. Reissue on vinyl of their 2008 CD "There Is Nothing Eternal Exists". Ltd 505 on black vinyl with insert and 30cm x 60cm poster.