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    ABSIDIA combine profound emotions and pure violence, heart breaking melodies and mind grinding mosh, god given life and soul ripping death, plus 4 songs of bulldozer-riffing brutality and heavines from SIX REASONS TO KILL. Vinyl comes with a huge booklet.
  • Honour – Valour – Pride is the seventh album by the British death metal band Bolt Thrower. It was recorded and mixed at Sable Rose Studios in Coventry, England, June to September 2001. It was produced by the band and Andy Faulkner, and was released on Metal Blade Records in 2002. Honour – Valour – Pride is the only full length Bolt Thrower album not featuring Karl Willetts.
  • Nuclear War Now! and Weird Face Productions first conspired to draw much-deserved attention to Death Courier’s landmark debut album, “Demise,” by reissuing it in 2014 as a limited 12” picture disc in commemoration of the band’s appearance at that year’s Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV. Now the same two partners resume that effort by offering the album on a standard vinyl format in less limited numbers.
  • Furthermore, and as a separate release, the band’s foreboding 1989 “Deny Your Destiny” demo and 1990 “Necrorgasm” EP have been compiled on a single LP to document the band’s early trajectory, which eventually led to the release of “Demise.” These two prior recordings include germinal versions of several songs from the first full-length, along with others such as “Necrorgasm,” “Mass Impalement,” and “Death Courier,” which were not included on “Demise.” This “EP and Demo” LP also includes four live tracks taken from the 1990 Molon Lave Festival and a 1991 gig at the Villa Amalias Squat in Athens. This unearthing and reanimation of Death Courier’s earliest scourging imprints erases a longstanding void in the availability of the most essential recordings from one of the most important pillars in the Greek black/death metal canon.
  • The Greek Death/Grind masters features 4 brand new songs of well played Grind, a must for fans of Napalm Death!!!
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    HELLISHEAVEN is a Death Metal in vein of BOLT THROWER and ASPHYX from Lublin/Poland. WEALD create their own vision of dark gloomy Crust Metal like straight from greats STORMCROW, SANCTUM.
  • Limited edition 7'' in five different cover color variants (red, orange, yellow, pink, blue) co-released by Vault Relics, Straight from the Heart Records, World's Appreciated Kitch Records & Booking and Nothing to Harvest Records, pressed in 200 copies of black vinyl.
  • 4 tracks of relentless, crude old-school Death Metal from New York City! In the veins of the early works of Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Death, etc. Limited to 300 copies.
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    Nuclear Devastation are a mix of Crust and Death Metal with blasted thrashed out Hard Core injections. Ramlord have that epic Crust sound but this is much darker. It sinks into Black Metal and at times makes you think of Amebix or a slower Tragedy.
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    Two tracks debut demo with ex Nocturnal Vomit's members Thomas Vomit and Kolozis P.K. Developing the sound of their ''Cursed Relics'' masterpiece into something even more dark, depraved, violent and twisted! For Death freaks into Asphyx, Pentacle, etc. 350 lmtd.
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    Both Greek grindish bands. Stheno playing Grind Core/Crusty Black Metal and Grassroll Grind Core/Sludge with female vocals.
  • Two Grind Core/Death Metal tracks made by the old-school German killers World Downfall. Stheno continues to move on the blackened path with a Grind Core/Black Metal/Crust blend, offering a four song Greek punch.
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    14 bands all over the world covering DEATH songs.