Old school anarcho veterans have teamed up with the UK's finest political two piece. 3 tracks (1 by Anthrax, 2 by Burnt Cross) of raging DIY music that deals with modern issues such as Cameron's big society, corporate greed and wealth redistribution.  
price: 4.00 €  
ATU are able to balance all of the influences of Metal, Crust and Punk with pure passion and conviction. The packaging is in the traditional Anarcho-Punk fold out poster style.  
price: 3.50 €  
BETTER TIMES: If Not Us (7'') SOM038  
Buffalo, NY band Better Times plays energetic, mid-tempo to fast youthcrew Hard Core. Lyrically, the band celebrates their local scene and stresses the importance of being positive, having a critical mind, and doing something worthwhile with your life. Lmtd to 210 copies.  
price: 4.00 €  
BLUE MONDAY: Rewritten (CD) B9R63  
Vegetarian straightedge band from Canada. Angry Hard Core played the way it was meant to be, with a fast style and plenty of melody to give it some extra character.  
price: 5.50 €    
BORN FROM PAIN: Reclaiming The Crown (CD) GSR 003  
10 tracks of hate fuelled crushing metallic Hard Core comprise of this Dutch 5 piece's debut full length album. Full of aggression and a thick production this was the release that put Born From Pain on the map.  
price: 4.50 €  
BROTHER'S KEEPER: Fantasy Killer (LP) KF38  
''Fantasy Killer'', the band's first full length since 1996. Much stronger song writing, thicker melodies, and singer Mike Ski even phased out of the trademark higher pitched vocal style for a heavier and fuller, more solid sound.  
price: 3.00 €    
CAST ASIDE: Overcome (7'') MAL08  
Richmond Hard Core, featuring members of Dead Serious and Down To Nothing. Color vinyl.  
price: 3.50 €    
CONVINCE: Decline (7'') VARIOUS  
D-Beat, blackened Punk from Moscow/Russia.  
price: 3.00 €    
If you are into bands like Heaven Shall Burn, Faust Again, Caliban, Bleeding Through, Cataract. Brutal Death Core, with some melodic parts, from Germany.  
price: 5.00 €    
CRUMBSUCKERS: Beast On My Back (CD) CM 66042  
CRUMBSUCKERS was a NY based crossover band that formed in 1982 by bass player Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain). Unfortunately they managed to release only two brilliant LPs (Life Of Dreams 1986 and B.O.M.B. 1988) before they broke up in 1989.  
price: 5.00 €  
DAREDEVIL: Trippin' The Scales Of Justice (CD) GSR009  
Debut full length from this Dutch band whose sound can be described as brutal and metallic, but still keeping it very Hard Core. Blending heavy old school fast parts, crunching riffs and breakdowns. Think Hatebreed, 100 Demons, Born from Pain.  
price: 5.00 €